Share Anywhere

Share Anywhere allows you to add inter-app communication to Ashes. If an app, take Tumblr, supports openURL, we can easily create a URL to send info from Ashes to Tumblr. tumblr://x-callback-url/link?title=[[[title]]]&url=[[[url]]]&description=[[[textselection]]]&x-success=[[[callback]]]&x-cancel=[[[callback]]]

See the list of variables below and learn how to add a Share Anywhere link to Ashes.


[[[title]]] — either the item title or browser title

[[[feedtitle]]] — title of item's feed; empty in browser


[[[textselection]]] — the current text selection from the article or browser; if no selection is available, an empty string is used

[[[post]]] — if text is selected: “[[[textselection]]]” via [[[feedtitle]]] [[[url]]]; and if no selection: [[[title]]] [[[url]]]

[[[callback]]] — use this for x-callback-url methods to be sent back to Ashes

Putting it Together

So here is the example from above. Let’s look through this again.


Tumblr's iOS app has x-callback-url support and the ability to create text, link, and quote posts via this URL. The above URL will send the current title [[[title]]] (either in the Browser or an Item view) and the url [[[url]]] along with the current text selection [[[textselection]]] for a description. Once you are done in Tumblr (by posting or canceling) you'll be sent back to Ashes [[[callback]]].

So how do I add this to Ashes?

Ashes too has a URL for communication. You can easily send a URL with a title— which used for the share button— to Ashes. To do so, you must encode the URL above, which looks like:


That's ugly, I know. So we take that and create an Ashes Share Anywhere link:


The highlighted parts are the title and URL for the Share Anywhere link. It is this easy.

I dunno… Do you have any examples?

Any of the following can be clicked on your iOS device and they'll add the Share Anywhere link to Ashes.

Share by Mail


Share by Sparrow Mail


Share with Pushpin


Share Link with Tumblr


Share Quote with Tumblr


I added one but don’t want it now!

It happens. Swipe to delete it from Settings / Sharing.